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Bro(ad)c(a|o)(de|m) – Brocade to Broadcom What’s next?

A relatively simple regular expression is all that needed to change all marketing material and documentation but the consequences for customers are significant. In the short term everything [..]

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Why frames get dropped at your storage array

Arrays from all vendors have significant troubleshooting capabilities but in most cases these are scambled in the most obscure way you can imagine. You need special tools to...

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Ficon Dynamic Routing (FIDR)

In the storage world there mainly have been two environments : 1 FCP and 2. SBCC which stands for Fibre Channel – Protocol and Single Byte Command Code [..]

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Brocade FOS version 8 and 32G hardware

If you’ve been laying low during Christmas last year and have overlooked that Brocade announced its first to market with “Gen 6” (32G) hardware and FOS code 8, [..]

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Target Driven Zoning – Any demand??

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Reset the Zoning Configuration and Prevent Mistakes.

There are occasions where you need to remove an entire zoning configuration from a switch. One of them is if you need to add a switch to an...

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Appalling state of Storage Networks

In the IT world a panic is most often related to a operating systems kernel to run out of resources or some unknown state where it cannot recover...

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CiscoLive! Melbourne – 2016

Having to miss last years edition I was fortunate enough to be able to attend this years CiscoLive! conference in my hometown Melbourne again. Venue was excellent as [..]

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9.2 – Long Distance configurations – CWDM/DWDM

One of the most complex ways of implementing long distance connectivity is using CWDM or DWDM extension equipment. Reason being is that the technology is often fairly complex...

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Photography Books and Courses

Below some ebooks and online courses I find highly useful for not only the beginner but also for the seasoned photographer. Evan Sharboneau’s e-book contains practical tips on [..]